The Solution


After isolating and better defining our requirements, CemtrexVR and the Slingshot team conducted extensive brainstorming and white boarding sessions to better distill our hi-level goals to a defined requirement.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Simultaneously working through our technical and experimental needs, CemtrexVR’s design and engineering teams went to work – crafting our wireframes and prototypes.

In the meantime, we qualified the most effective technical architecture for the delivery of hi-quality stereoscopic VR video content through livestreams as well as libraries manageable through a simple web tool.

Design and Development Sprints

Upon completing discovery, wireframing and prototyping, we began to realize our highly defined requirements through Design and Development Sprints that engaged the SlingshotVR team on a daily basis and reached a beta release in 12 weeks of development.

The Solution


Services Provided

VR User Experience Design VR User Interface Design Technical Architecture Design
Unity Development (VR) Front-end Development
Back-end Development Deployment Strategy