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Our Mission

We are artists, designers, engineers, thinkers and learners, builders and dreamers hell bent on building the best damn digital products possible for our clients while disrupting the status quo as often as possible.


Our Disciplines

User Experience Design

Our experience architects and designers can help you realize your goals through thoughtful experience design for the web, mobile and wearables, while leveraging our extensive engineering experience.

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Mobile Engineering

From architecture to clean code and testing, our versatile mobile engineering team can help you or take the charge in building or iterating upon your iOS or Android app and maintaining it.

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IoT/Hardware Design + Engineering

Our hardware and internet of things development practice splices industrial design, electrical engineering and software design and development to create remarkable products for our clients.

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Web Engineering

Our web architects and engineers can help you from a diverse array of angles and on any level of a stack, with engineers specialized in JS, PHP, Python and Ruby, CemtrexLabs can help you regardless of your stack.

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VR Design + Development

Our virtual reality team is comprised of game developers and the 3D artists who are working on cooking up some original CemtrexLabs VR experiences, we can help you craft a compelling VR experience too.

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Experimental Prototyping

Our experimental prototyping team is focused on building lean experiments to test concepts for mobile, the web, wearables and television and iterate on them according to user behavior.

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Digital Intelligence and Strategy

Our team can help guide you on how to incrementally design, build and deploy your software or product, or if you have something that needs to evolve, we can help you there too.

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LiveOps and EmergencyOps

Expert maintenance for your live app or site and emergency architectural and engineering support and solutions when you really need it for your live app or site.

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Alpha Experience Designers and Engineers working in small, close pods against insane deadlines to make the unthinkable a reality for our clients.

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Game Design + Development

Splicing creative game design with Unreal and Unity development to create immersive mobile gaming experiences for iOS and Android.

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Our Process

Refining our own internal agile design and development processes over the last 7 years we arrived at a general architecture that we apply to the majority of projects (aside from the occasional super-ripe candidate for a RAD dev cycle) at CemtrexLabs we call Guerilla Development™.

Discovery + Preliminary Design

From architecture to clean code and testing, our versatile mobile engineering team can help you or take the charge in building or iterating upon your iOS or Android app.

Design + Engineering Sprints

Once our team members have had the time to work with you and your team to further define and elaborate upon our requirements and documentation we will be able to begin the cycle of design, development and testing sprints. Gnarly.


Building upon the preliminary experiential design concepts and flows laid out during discovery and preliminary design, our team will design the experience and interface designs we will need for the upcoming development sprint.


With our designs ready and in hand and our development sprint backlog ready, our team of architects and engineers will programmatically realize the flows and designs we have laid out for our sprint.


As our engineers work on each module they will unit test each bit of code, additionally our quality assurance engineers will begin to apply the test cases they have prepared with practical testing of the modules to be delivered during the sprint.


Now that the software has cleared quality assurance and is ready to go, CemtrexLabs will work with you and your team to deploy the app or site to the cloud, your servers and/or the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Now that your app or site is live, CemtrexLabs can help you monitor the app or site and iterate on it's architecture and infrastructure to optimize the app or site for performance, scalability and stability, as well as, examine the analytics and data to determine how best to optimize our feature set, user experience, funnels and journey.

Our Services

A sorta, kinda, almost complete list of what we can help you with.


Analytics and Data Analysis
Brand Experience Design
Business Analysis
Communication Strategy
Consumer Insights
Digital Brand Strategy
Engineering Strategy
IP Development
Narrative Design
Persona Development
Pivot and Product Rehab Strategy
Process and Experience Optimization
Product and Experience Analysis
Product Roadmapping
Production and Manufacturing Consulting
SEO Strategy
User Experience Strategy


2D and 3D Animation
Brand Identity
Concept Development
Data Visualization
Emerging OS Design
Experimental Design
Game Design
Information Architecture
Information Design
Interaction Design
Lean Design
Motion Graphics
Multi-Platform Interface Design
Product Packaging
User Interface Design
Visual Design
Voice + Motion Interaction
Wireframe Prototyping


Analytics + Reporting
API + SDK Development
Back-end Architecture
Bot Development
Cloud Computing Solutions
Data Feed Design
Deployment Strategy
Desktop + Web App Development
Front-end Development
Implementation Design
iOS and Android Engineering
Lean Development
Legacy Integration
Middleware Solutions
Performance Optimization
QA Test Plans
Regression Testing
Server Development
Smart TV App Development
Smart Scraper Solutions
Systems Integration
Technical Architecture
Technology Auditing
Third-Party Management
Unity + Unreal Development
VR Applications


Augmented Reality
Brand Experiences
Digital POS
Electrical Engineering
Emerging OS Development
Experiential Design
Gesture Tracking
Hardware Design
Industrial Design
Interactive Experiences
Location Tracking
Motion Tracking
Product Design
Schematic Design
Sensor Integration
Software Integration


Thoughts and Work


We can help you build what you have been thinking about.

Speak to us today about how we can use a lean approach to test your idea before you build more.

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