Building a digital brand

The project started with basic branding exercise. Through collaboration with the Industrie Africa team, CXR Agency created a clean, but powerful logo for the brand.
Inspired by the aesthetic of the logo, we moved quickly into wireframing and branding the web app. The goal was to create an intuitive interface that allowed them to showcase some of Africa’s most innovative designers without distracting audiences. Once we completed the wireframes, our design team quickly fleshed out the final designs with minimal feedback or management from the Industrie Africa team.

Developing a User-Friendly Web App

Once we had designed the UI/UX, we went to work developing the app. Our goals were to ensure the web app was easy to maintain – even for non-programmers.


A beautiful web app that has attracted worldwide attention and media coverage

Services Provided

Digital Brand Strategy User Experience Strategy
Brand Identity Desktop + Web App Development
Front-end Development Back-end Development
iOS and Android Development Technical Architecture