The Solution


CXR Agency’ architects and engineers immediately began with an intensive code review to understand which facets of the codebase could indeed be used, how much of it needed to be re-worked, how much would need to be re-written, and how much would have to be written from scratch.

Additionally, our user experience design team began to work toward realizing the goals that the V Magazine team had shared in our early conversations.

Preparing the Product Backlog

Once the designs had reached a mature point of refinement, we began preparing our product backlog for the engineering sprints that would soon commence. As we had a deadline to realize, we would have to amend our typical agile development process to retrofit our allocations and scheduling to realize our drop dead.

We did so by borrowing from our SpecialOps practice and began burning down our design, and engineering, tasks as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Completing and Reviewing Modules for Launch

As modules were completed, they were pushed for review. Accepted modules were deployed to the staging server for use by the VMag team in their effort to get all of the editorial content ready for launch.

We continued to work in this amended, agile framework for the next 8 weeks in close collaboration with the V Magazine team.

The Solution


Services Provided

Engineering Strategy Product Road Mapping SEO Strategy User Experience Strategy Information Architecture Front-end Development Server Development
Information Design Interaction Design User Interface Design Visual Design Wireframe Prototyping QA Test Plans Technical Architecture
Analytics + Reporting API + SDK Development Back-end Architecture Deployment Strategy Web App Development Regression Testing