Rebuilding a Classic Brand

It all started with rebranding Vicon. Their logo had some brand equity, but it looked out of date. We kept the core design element of the logo – their snowflake as they call it – but gave it a modern twist. Additionally, we used more modern typography to give Vicon a technology vibe rather than an old security company.

Creating Consistency with a Guideline Document

As we began to design the website, the CXR Agency team created a branding guideline document. This helped both the CXR Agency and Vicon teams as it put rails on the design best practices for the company.

Rebranding and simplifying the website design

Our first step was to translate this new branding with Vicon’s website. Over the past few years, the website had gotten almost overwhelming as different stakeholders put their personal touches on it. We worked with the Vicon team to pare down unnecessary content and bring their core messaging to the forefront on their homepage.

Defining key user experiences

We defined the key user funnels for both potential customers and existing customers. Next, we optimized sections dedicated to each persona. For example, existing customers often visited the site to find manuals or download firmware for their products whereas prospects would spend more time on product splash pages. The latter was no problem, but as we dug into the products and their associated downloads, we realized the entire infrastructure needed to be re-architected.



Services Provided

Business Analysis Engineering Strategy Back-end Architecture Brand identity Technical Architecture Design Web Engineering
Analysis + Optimization Persona Development Front-end Development SEO Strategy Experiential Design
Analytics + Reporting User Experience Strategy Brand Experience Design Digital Brand Strategy User Experience Design