How do we define things?

We define innovation lab as:
  1. A place where digital architects, artists, designers, engineers and general technologists work with clients to efficiently and effectively realize their strategic, design or engineering needs with the assistance of a team that possesses deep understanding of the evolving dynamics of our digital world today and how they apply to the small decisions we make while building digital products
  2. An environment where new design paradigms, methods and technologies are constantly researched, studied and applied to client projects.
  3. A place where projects are approached incrementally and with deep engagement from our team and our clients, ensuring the most thoughtful process and results possible.
We arrived at this term and definition over the course of the last few years. This is how.

Our own journey

When we first started CXR Agency, we had a mission to build our own iOS games based upon our own intellectual property. As we progressed we soon found more and more people we knew asking us to help them with the projects that they were working on. In many cases we did so, and in most cases we began to provide some guidance in qualifying an idea, designing a user experience or helping code mobile or web apps for them. We soon realized that we really liked the versatility of jumping into projects collaborating with teams, being able to help solve their pain points, whether rooted in strategy, personnel or experience limitations or issues with execution – and we continued to help and would eventually begin to focus exclusively on helping other teams.

Borne of our own experiences

We had been on the other side of the equation in numerous contracted engagements prior to our founding of CXR Agency and we had found that many “off-shore studios”, “agencies”, “design teams” and “IT companies” all had a similar treatment of an engagement – while some of these higher-end “studios” or “agencies” could be very good at outputting innovative ideas and products, that came with an extraordinary budget and minimum engagement. For a “regular” engagement with a less reputable “agency” or “studio”, requirements were met (and often well), but we felt in our own experiences that the small things and the thoughtfulness, as well as, the agility to build a great product were there on paper but lacked in practice. The small innovations that so often differentiate a product in a vast competitive landscape were lacking and we thought about why that was and how we could create a place that designed and built innovative products working with start-ups, as well as, already existent small and medium-sized businesses (we have helped a couple of Fortune 500s too).

Innovation as a core mission and objective

The dictionary definition of innovation is: 'a new method, idea, product, etc.’ in its form as a noun and ‘the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices or methods’ in its form as verb. With the bigger, “more-reputable” agencies, we often found a goal or interest in only working with or working on the “biggest” potential partners and projects out there – this left room for innovation but froze out many start-ups and mid-sized businesses from engaging with such teams. Client rosters and big ideas rule victoriously over good medium-sized ideas or companies that could be or are legitimate businesses, but maybe not unicorns. The smaller “agencies” often lacked the ability to truly execute across, strategy, design and engineering and if they could, they seriously lacked in one or two particular segments and, more often than not, their technology teams are nothing more than front-end development with a back-end team committed to a particular language or stack – simply, they lacked the ability or room in their model to make innovative decisions and ultimately innovative products. We saw this as a further differentiator for us - as an initial tenet of the organization, we committed to remaining technologically agnostic as we progressed, approaching different problems with the most appropriate approaches, languages and frameworks – for example, we can confidently approach projects in JS, PHP, Ruby and Python.

Becoming an innovation lab

Since those initial years, what began as more of a fluid framework for a team has fortified into a culture and structure that has been further shaped through our experiences working with and supporting clients like PaidEasy, Maderas and NYX. The term innovation lab felt naturally reflective of our culture, mission and team - and most off all the kind of work we were doing for our clients. Additionally, we found much of the other common terminology that strategy, design and engineering firms label themselves (and by default what other people label us) jarring, and non-reflective of the organization that we were and are building. Here at CXR Agency, we are committed to our continued cultivation of a team and environment conducive to digital innovation with the ultimate goal of helping you and your team with its digital strategy, design and engineering needs through the effective synthesization of our skills, culture, talent and philosophy. As our mission states “We are artists, designers, engineers, thinkers and learners, builders and dreamers hell bent on building the best damn digital products possible for our clients while disrupting the status quo as often as possible,” - in realizing this mission we have further defined ourselves as an organization and we are an innovation lab.

Create Immersive Experiences to Grow Your Business

For more information on augmented and virtual reality software development, virtual reality development cost and virtual reality programming, please feel free to reach out to us at CXR Agency and we would be more than happy to assist. At CXR Agency, we make sure to keep our pulse on all things AR, VR and XR.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reimagine how people interact with brands. To disrupt the status quo and uncover values others can’t find. To solve tomorrow’s business challenges in thoughtful, elegant ways. We aim to be strategic leaders in emergent technologies, innovators in user experiences. Our mission is to arm businesses for digital revolution. Check out our VR case studies at www.CXR for more information. 

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