Phase 1: Planning

The CXR Agency team grouped together to define the goals of this internal project, outline timelines, and plan the application’s creation from beginning to end. We came up with a highly iterative, rapid application development model which included daily builds and testing, written requirements, and daily check-ins for each team involved in the project.

Phase 2: Implementing Feedback and Newly Developed Goals

During the team’s daily check-ins, we set new goals for ourselves in order to keep testing the limits of the device and make the game as high quality as possible. The focus during this phase was to quickly identify room for improvement and improve the game.

Phase 3: Designing Quazar’s 3D Model

Quazar’s 3D model design was also handled in a highly iterative fashion. Once the space theme and name of the application were decided, the team went down a design rabbit hole to create the game’s visual assets. We took those assets and repurposed them into levels but continued to work iteratively in order to improve on them as the application was being developed.


Services Provided

Concept Development User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Visual Design