Feature + Process

Conceptualizing in 3D

The ideas started forming through sketches created in Tiltbrush, which were then explored with the client and then firmed up as actual elements for the platform. Our concept artist worked to translate these into final 3D concepts that could easily be recreated by our 3D artists in AR/VR. This pipeline made concepts easy to perfect and translate into a spatial environment.

Real assets

From shoes to bags, our 3D team crafted high-quality products to use as an example when selling the platform to investors and clients. This array of accessories made it easier to understand the feasibility, utility and the aesthetic appeal of the experience.

Blank slate

Understanding that the platform was created to be sold to retail brands, it needed to be visually appealing, timeless and clean enough to imagine with custom additions and iconography. Our design team struck the perfect balance of “ready-made” and “ready to be designed.”

Feature + Process


Service Provided

Product and Experience Product Road Mapping Information Design Visual Design VR User Experience Design User Experience Design
Consumer Insights User Experience Strategy Interaction Design Deployment Strategy Unity Development (VR) 3D Modelling
Engineering Strategy Concept Development User Interface Design Concept Experiential Design