Feature + Process

Full SalesCloud implementation

From the website inquiry form to managing conference rooms to calculating bills and sending receipts, the GoodTech team included new automations to help save time and build more efficient workflows.

Office management

With 60+ conference rooms and hundreds of office and shared spaces across 12 locations, our developers created a better management system for the Bond Collective team. They can now easily track reservations of conference rooms and office spaces, allowing them to provide a seamless customer experience and give employees more time to spend on growth and business strategy rather than the minutiae of office management.

Zero bugs, full knowledge

After fixing all the known bugs and completing the full integration, our team made sure to record videos and walk the Bond Collective team through their smart new Salesforce setup. As they lack an in-house IT team, we continue to provide on-going support and maintenance so that everything runs smoothly and their team can keep scaling.

Feature + Process


Service Provided

User Experience Strategy Wireframe Prototyping Concept Desktop + Web Development
User Interface Design Front-end Development Back-end Development
Visual Design SEO Strategy User Experience Design