Feature + Process

Gaze control

Our development team developed an innovative method of control that didn’t require much physical movement. The user could control the experience by directing their gaze at a specific area, eliminating the need for controllers – and the process of acclimating to their controls.

Breathing & visuals

With visuals synced to the breathing of meditation experiences, even those new to meditation had immersive guidance to help them understand how they could use the experience to calm their mind and achieve a level of relaxation that could ease their pain.

Six versions of calm

Our artists rendered six different scenes so that users could switch it up or pick the experience that best suited their current mood. From tropical to rustic, there was an environment for people of varying backgrounds and locales – creating an experience that felt truly comfortable.

Feature + Process


Service Provided

Engineering Strategy Information Design Visual Design VR User Experience Design Product and Experience Analysis + Optimization Sound Design
User Experience Strategy Interaction Design Deployment Strategy Unity Development (VR) 3D Modelling
Concept Development User Interface Design Concept Experiential Design Storyboarding